Multiple Teams · Deshaun Watson At Gainesville Football Field for ESPN Shoot

In a phone call to Athletic Director Billy Kirk ESPN expressed a idea to do a photo shoot with Deshaun Watson for a pre-NFL draft workout at the Gainesville High football facility. Coach Miller, Athletic Director Billy Kirk and a very few others were on hand to witness the early morning event today. At the end of the workout Head Coach Miller introduced Watson to Tucker Kirk, a Gainesville student athlete, who just happens to be a Gaineville quarterback as was Deshaun Watson. Finished with his workout, Watson ask Tucker what size shoes he wore. Tucker replied a 13. Watson bend down in tied his new cleats and removed them. Before handing them to Tucker, Watson signed each shoe. What a special moment for both Watson and Kirk with many a thank you being exchanged. Its been a very special morning for everyone especially Tucker Kirk. To Deshaun Watson best of luck in the NFL Draft in two weeks.

Tucker Kirk given Deshaun Watson's work out cleats
Tucker Kirk given Deshaun Watson’s work out cleats