Red Elephants News · A few minutes with Head Boys Basketball Coach Benji Wood: 1/10/2018

Interview with Coach Wood: 1/10/2018

0.      What are your thoughts on this upcoming game?

“I want to make sure that we are more prepared than the other team, rather than focus solely on the other team.”

0.      In the last few practices, how has the overall mood been for your team?

“Everything’s going well and the guys are going into practice with a good attitude.”

0.      What have been your main strengths in the past couple of games?

“We played good defense, shared the basketball, and pounded the paint.”

0.      What’s the main thing you need to focus on for Winder Barrow this Friday?

“We’ve got to make sure we play to our strengths from our last few games which are playing great defense, establishing the paint, and sharing the basketball.”

0.      How has the team been preparing for this Friday’s game?

“Recognition and execution are essential; we call it recognition and execution because the coaches and I recognize what type of offense and defense that the opponent runs and, in turn, execute a game plan that we base our practices around.”


Interview by the GHS Sports Promotion Team