Red Elephants News · Coach B talks about the Region Tournament

Coach B talked with me about her expectations of the girls at regions today. She also gave me some  insight on which players she knows are going to shine during this moment in time. This very brief interview took place 2/5/18. Good luck to the girls!

1. The team has made it to regions, how does that make you feel ?

Coach B:I am very proud of our girls. We have to win tomorrow to get into state…

2.What’s something that feel you did better this season to push them to this point ?

Coach B:Conditioning was key for us… Especially with all the injuries we had this season.
 3. How has the team developed since last season? 

Coach B:We have a new team, and so, we had learn each other’s strengths and play to them.
4.What players do you think will come out of their shell and shine during this moment ?

Coach B:Lauren Teasley, Kyra Buffen and Sadie Roach had to learn to play at a higher level and went through some growing pains. They are not longer playing like freshmen…
5.What expectation do have for the team while at regions ?

Coach B:I expect the players to play in high intensity, play together, execute their offense and play with passion..
6.What’s something you feel is very vital that the team should do at this point in time ?

Coach B:We must Play together and unselfishly…
 7. What’s something that you are even harder on now ? (like a method or skill)

Coach B:Execution of our plays and patience..
    8.What methods are planning to use that may have a positive effect for the outcome ?

Coach B: I study game film and put together a game plan, then I show our players who we would make the necessary changes for us to be successful…