Red Elephants News · Player of the week: Joel Bonilla

Joel Bonilla is this week’s player. He is 1/3 of the captains of the soccer team and is also a senior this year.

What grade are you in ?

What is your jersey number and why did you choose it?

Joel:”I chose 13 because it’s my favorite number”
What position do you play ?

Joel:”Left back”
What do you like about playing soccer?

Joel:” It’s fun and it’s a sport where you have to require skills mentally and physically”
Is soccer something that you would like to have in your future?

How would you describe yourself using three words?

Joel:” Smart, passionate, determined!”
Are you more of a chocolate person or candy person? ( candy as in skittles, starbursts, gummy bears, etc..)

What do you like to do on your free time?

Joel:”Play soccer or play on my PS4″
What’s your favorite song or a song that gets you in a good mood?

Joel:”Amorfoda- Bad Bunny”
What is an essential part of your pregame routine?

Joel:”Eat somewhere with teammates and drink water” 
Let’s say that you have to prepare a meal to impress a date. What would you cook?

Joel:”Some fajitas!”
What part of your game do want to improve the most this season?

Joel:”My skills and my right foot”
If you could have any professional soccer player’s skill, who would you pick and why?

Joel:”Messi and because he is creative, he score goals, and is the best dribbler in the world”